Wednesday, December 6, 2023

About us

Leading Educational Institute in the world

IGP Education group is one of the leading consulting groups for Education, Research, Training & development. We expressed over 120+ countries with our premium services. Leading with Global renowned Facilitators, educators, trainers, coaches, and consultants for over 3 years. We have 5000+ certified Educators, and trainers for your problem and company growth, Consultation is not only the solution we believe in, we will take care of your problems until sustainable

Our Story

Institute of Global Professionals-IGP (an ISO 9001:2015 & 10002:2018) is the training facility for skill development which was founded in 2020 and is generating competent candidates to meet demand in the global labor market by providing professional qualifications.

The Institute of Global Professionals is an educational Institute that provides social work globally recognize and reputable. We serve students and community resources providing holistic social work and education. We believe that it’s not effective to increase one’s skills just by acquiring formal education. So, we provide effective training and consultation to generate proficient generations all over the world. We distribute our services locally, nationally, and internationally to students, job seekers, job holders, and also for learners through respective campus locations and distance learning platforms. We are an occupational and dependable institution.

Our Mission

Spreading knowledge is crucial for the Institute of Global Professionals. We believe that Knowledge is love and light and vision. So we try to understand the needs of today’s generation and will serve them with good research and practiced methods. We must have a genuine concern for the learners we represent. More diversity, growth, and innovation are required. To lead a session with professionalism, passion, and integrity. IGP members are committed to offering effective, best-quality service and continual improvement so that individuals who seek information can improve their skill levels and value.

Our Vision

IGP is one of the famous online institutes from all over the world. Our vision is Education isn’t a business product it’s a part of our human rights, based on our vision we are trying to reach all corners of the world for free webinars, seminars, courses, awards, quiz competitions, mentoring & counseling, etc. On the other side, we also trying to serve more than 100 premium services for free like create own portfolio website, resume builder, cover letter, motivation letter, and world knowledge platform for gathering general knowledge which can upgrade all day. Kids learning game websites, free courses, converter sites, and many many more.