This recipe post is about making apple cider vinegar tea, a quick detox drink recipe to help ease different ailments and, most importantly, help with weight loss. 

The drink is easy to make with readily available ingredients in the kitchen.

This recipe is similar to apple cider vinegar and lemon juice but needs more ingredients to make this tea, which can benefit in many ways other than weight loss.

apple cider vinegar tea in the glass with ACV beside with a lemon

About the recipe

Generally, if we come across the word tea, we expect it to have black tea leaves or green tea leaves to make the tea, but apple cider vinegar tea does not contain any leaves and is a simple detox drink.

The recipe uses apple cider vinegar(ACV) as the main ingredient and spices such as cayenne pepper to make your morning tea.

This recipe can be made as a hot tea using hot or warm water or cold using cold water or water at room temperature.

The tea uses lemon, honey, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper as the main ingredients in addition to apple cider vinegar, diluting it using water for drinking early in the morning.

I am sharing a quick way of making this apple cider vinegar tea which can also be variated in other ways with other healthy ingredients, which I will mention below.

Look at the ingredients below and look out for making the apple cider vinegar tea with other variations below.


ingredients showing to make apple cider vinegar tea

Apple cider vinegar: Use apple cider vinegar with the mother in the raw and unfiltered form for more benefits.

Lemon juice: Add lemon extract to the drink to make it robust and effective for better digestion and weight loss.

Ground cinnamon: Cinnamon in powdered form is readily available, and adding it not only adds flavor but is a perfect ingredient to add to detox drinks.

Cayenne pepper: It is an effective ingredient to add to drinks to lose weight but is optional if you do not like its taste in the tea drink.

Honey: Consuming ACV drinks or teas can be challenging, and adding honey makes it easy to consume.

Water: In this tea, water used can be hot or cold, and add it depending on your preference. ACV works with warm water or cold water.

Benefits of the tea

ACV benefits in the tea

The tea contains apple cider vinegar, which helps regulate and manage blood sugar levels. 

Studies have shown that apple cider vinegar improves blood sugar levels and helps reduce oxidative stress.

ACV promotes weight loss which can prevent and keep us from life-threatening issues such as heart attacks or cardiovascular problems by reducing cholesterol levels.

Drinking ACV before meals in the form of tea or a drink can help lower blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.

It promotes and boosts digestion, leading to better skin and health.

Other tea benefits

Lemon juice helps boost metabolism, promotes weight loss, and boosts immunity, and adding lemon juice to apple cider vinegar helps combat constipation and have regular bowel movements.

Cinnamon is an effective spice to manage and lower blood sugar levels, and adding it to ACV makes it a strong tea with healthy ingredients to protect against weight gain and heart diseases.

Cayenne pepper is not widely used, but it has immense benefits regarding weight loss, better digestion, prevents heart issues, and treats cold and nasal congestion.

Cayenne also helps in lowering harmful cholesterol levels. So, start using this spice and let us know your feedback in the comments below.

Adding honey to this apple cider vinegar tea can help in boosting memory and also help in treating colds or coughs and is a better alternative to unhealthy sugars.

Honey is a beautiful alternative to regular sugar and can be a healthy replacement for sugars in drinks to regulate blood sugar levels.

This tea is much better than consuming high-calorie beverages with high sugars in them, which also leads to weight gain and can cause obesity issues.

Apple cider vinegar tea helps in boosting metabolism, aids in burning fat, aids in managing blood sugar levels or diabetes, soothes or treats colds and coughs, promotes healthy skin, and prevents heart diseases.



Spices: Adding spices, such as ginger powder, effectively burns fat or soothes colds and coughs.

You can also substitute cayenne pepper with ginger powder or add it to cayenne pepper.

Cayenne pepper and ginger are powerful ingredients in any tea recipe or detox drink.

Honey alternative: If you have diabetes and want to be low on sugar, skip adding honey or use safe sweeteners such as stevia or a zero-calorie sweetener.

Honey is also a form of sugar; although it is natural but is a better option than regular sugar for managing sugar levels.

Another alternative to honey is maple syrup, a better option to reduce the sugar in the drink.

Lemon: If you like to add some lemon slices, add one or two.

Dilution: The drink can be hard to consume, and if you find it so, add more water and dilute the drink by adding more water as per requirement before consuming.

When to drink the tea?

Apple cider vinegar tea gives the best results when we consume it early morning on an empty stomach, but you can also have it before any meal.

Drink it before meals but avoid drinking it during bedtime as ACV is too sour and can affect your teeth and throat at night.

It is a safe option to drink during the day and drink it twice or thrice a week for better digestion and metabolism, to burn fat, and boost immunity.


If you do not have all the ingredients mentioned in the recipe, add lemon slices to ACV, dilute the apple cider vinegar and lemon juice with water, and consume immediately before a meal.

Also, check out my other ACV recipe, which is apple cider vinegar and honey which is another quick detox drink to consume on a regular basis.

Drinking it before a meal can quickly help suppress the appetite and avoids overeating, which can help burn the existing calories and thus lead you to lose those extra pounds.

If stored in the fridge, consume within a day as the ingredients are mixed in the tea and may not taste the same if stored for a long time.

To make low-calorie beverages, check out dragon fruit tea and lemon chia seed water, quick-to-make healthy drinks perfect as summer cooling refreshers.

apple cider vinegar tea detox in the glass

apple cider vinegar tea

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Detox and weight loss drink using apple cider vinegar, lemon and cayenne pepper.

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