Dahi chicken is a gravy chicken curry made using curd in the chicken. It’s a delicious and very simple chicken curry that can be served with rice. There are many ways of making chicken curries and this is yet another interesting way of making chicken curry which is very easy with fewer ingredients.

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About the recipe

  • Chicken curries are made in thousand different ways but the basic things that go into it to make gravy consistency is onions, tomatoes or yogurt/curd.
  • Some tend to add yogurt and some prefer adding tomatoes but the overall result is delicious gravy curries. Here, we have made this curry just by using chicken and it is just amazing when served with chapati, phulka or rice.

Making chicken is the most easiest thing as it tastes good, smells good after cooking and looks good too and something that can be soften in 20-25 minutes and have a great meal.

Dahi is a hindi word for yogurt or curd and it is named differently in different regions such as ‘perugu’ in telugu language and ‘tayir’ in tamil language and so on…

How to make the recipe?

All we need to have is chicken and curd at home to make it and onions that are always available at home.

This dahi chicken curry tastes good with roti or chapathi too. I have shared various kind of chicken gravies and would like to share many more kinds of chicken curries that are easy to make.

The gravy consistency can be made thick or thin as per one’s requirement and do not over cook the chicken as it loses all the wonderful taste that it contains due to overcooking.

Not only curry recipes are made with chicken but other chicken items that can be made by using rice and chicken such as hyderabadi biryani, chicken pulao etc…

This is basically a common chicken recipe made using yogurt and it does not take much time to prepare before making the chicken.

Dahi chicken recipe or yogurt chicken

There are so many chicken varieties that are yet to be made and dahi chicken is one of them and shall be posting many more chicken recipes as I keep blogging on different recipes.

This is a curry that tastes good with any basic pulao or a steamed rice. It can be made for simple occasions too.

I love cooking chicken and hope the same with my readers who prefer to make non-veg and I love to experiment with many chicken dishes.


The chicken always takes minimum 40 minutes for it to cook well if it is slow cooked and if it is pressure cooked then do not give more than 2 or 3 whistles as the chicken might overcook it more whistles are given.

Hope my blog readers like my dahi chicken which tastes yummy with any main dish like roti and rice.

Step by Step procedure

  • Firstly take a wok, into it add oil and heat it. Add whole garam masalas such as cloves and cinnamon sticks. Add sliced onions and saute for few minutes.
sauteing the onions
  • Add slit green chillies, salt to taste.
Adding slit green chillies
  • Mix and cook until the onions turn soft.
cooking until the onions turn soft
  • Add red chilli powder, turmeric powder, ginger garlic paste, mix well.
adding spices
  • Cook the masala for few minutes and until the oil starts separating.
Cooking the masala
  • Add chicken and roast it for few minutes on medium to low flame.
roasting the chicken
  • Cover the lid and cook the chicken on low flame until oil starts separating.
cooking the chicken
  • Beat the yoghurt well and add to the chicken and mix well.
adding yoghurt to the chicken
mixing well
  • Cook for five minutes on low flame.
Cooking for five minutes
  • Add coriander seeds powder, black pepper powder, garam masala powder, coriander leaves, mix well. Add ½ cup water and mix.
adding dry spices
  • Cook the chicken on low flame until the chicken gets soft.
cooking chicken until soft



dahi chicken recipe, yogurt chicken


A simple and easy dahi chicken recipe using dahi that is yogurt and chicken and making a simple curry without too many ingredients.

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