Masala Dosa is a very popular dosa recipe in all of the dosa varieties. This dosa is made by spreading a potato mixture or aloo masala as a dosa topping. Dosa is usually in the form of pancakes and one of the common Indian breakfast recipes usually made by using the batter of rice and urad dal.

Masala Dosa Recipe

This is the most preferred dosa all across south india.

Chutneys to be tried with dosa:

It does take a while to make this dosa as we need to keep the batter ready and this south indian masala dosa requires to make potato masala topping for the dosa.

It is a delicious breakfast recipe and a healthy one too and is mostly eaten by south indians with sambar or chutney. The south indian dosa needs a lot of patience and is definitely not an instant breakfast.

I love to try out various dosa varieties and with time would love to update different kinds of dosa recipes such as ragi dosa, rava dosa, oats dosa etc… The basic method of dosa making is always the same but, to it we can add different spreads as per our preference and relish its flavor.

Masala dosa is called with that name as we usually add potato masala as the topping to it where the potatoes are boiled, peeled and mashed and a masala is made with flavorful tempering.


Let me take you into insights of making this wonderful dosa recipe with also a video procedure shown below the post…

To the plain dosa, if masala that  is potato filling is added then it becomes masala dosa. If the batter is made perfectly then the dosa comes out very crispy and also gives an amazing golden or brown color if methi(fenugreek seeds) or chana dal is added.

Let’s take a look at the instructions of making this recipe in detail. The method of making this dosa recipe is divided into three steps:

1.How to make the dosa batter.

2.How to make the masala that is potato filling.

3.How to make the dosa.

Let us go through the detailed instructions in making a traditional dosa recipe.



Masala Dosa Recipe South Indian


A very popular masala dosa recipe from south india which is made by using dosa batter and potato masala.

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