Paneer tikka masala, a mouthwatering gravy recipe made using paneer cubes and a very shiny onion tomato gravy along with some cashew nuts and creamy gravy. This recipe is a gravy masala which can be served with roti recipe, aloo paratha, naan or poori.

The masala is a restaurant like masala which uses good number of spices and some cream that gives a good shine to the gravy and looks good in appearance too.

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Paneer tikka masala gravy recipe

The masala gravy has a good aroma that comes due to adding fenugreek leaves or kasoori methi which is a good aromatic ingredient which completes the dish.

It is a very popular north indian dish mostly found in north india and in several occasions of northern India and a popular menu item in veg restaurants.


Paneer is a very healthy ingredient that has got lots of proteins in it and can be used to make several recipes which are very restaurant like flavors in taste and not only gravies but paneer can be used to make several other main course recipes too.

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Do check out the delicious paneer tikka masala recipe with the gravy made and added to paneer tikka pieces.

Paneer has lots of health benefits and it is a dairy product which has got high amount of protein and these have good amount of calcium which is good for bones.


Here the paneer tikka is not made in oven or tandoor but it has been simplified by making paneer tikka on the tawa and the outcome of the paneer tikka is as good as the dhaba style.

The paneer cubes are marinated by using curd and spices and it has a pleasant aroma because of kasoori methi added into it.

Do check out the recipe for paneer tikka masala gravy below.



paneer tikka masala recipe, paneer tikka masala gravy


Creamy onion tomato gravy added in paneer tikka pieces and made as paneer tikka masala.

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