Like to learn another simple drink using pineapple juice, honey, and apple cider vinegar? Check out this recipe below to use as an early morning drink, or have it more than once daily and enjoy your fitness diet.

Also, check out many other drinks or weight loss recipes to help you with your healthy diet and include these drinks with proper care.

Never drink without seeking medical advice if facing any health issues or pregnancy, or during lactation.


pineapple juice honey and apple cider vinegar in a bottle with ACV, honey and pineapple in the image
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About the recipe

I am sharing the recipe with simple and few ingredients to use in the drink; all the ingredients help burn fat in the body.

Pineapple is an excellent fat burner; combining it with apple cider vinegar can help reduce fat effectively.

Other ingredients supporting the drink are honey and lime, which add sweetness, help consume the drink, and promote weight loss.

The recipe can be made in two different ways using the same ingredients. One is to add pineapple chunks along with the other ingredients and blend them all.

Another way is to add the ACV, honey and lime to the prepared juice if you have the juice handy in the refrigerator.

Let us talk below about some of the benefits the recipe will give us if consumed regularly and we have a healthy life.


Pineapple juice

The pineapple, when extracted, gives a fresh juice that has immense benefits and helps in the process of losing fat.

It contains a good amount of water content which helps with hydration. It also contains bromelain, an enzyme in pineapple that helps mobilize the fat and sheds the excess fat by burning it efficiently.

Pineapple juice should only be used as a drink and a small part of your daily diet as it is low in calories and can cause nutrient deficit if you follow only a pineapple juice diet.

Follow healthy lifestyle habits such as other healthy diets and workouts and reap the benefits.

Pineapple controls and curbs the appetite, and it is a good combination of vitamin C and good water content, which can benefit a person in many ways.

It helps boost digestion and is an effective fruit for weight loss diets or salads because it has fewer calories and limited carbs.

The fruit is also high in fiber which can curb your hunger and appetite for some time without increasing your food cravings.


pineapple smoothie for weight loss

Apple cider vinegar

The apple cider vinegar used in healthy drinks needs to be in raw, unfiltered form, and it is “with the mother.”

Use any brand but check the label before buying and make sure to buy ‘with the mother’ to get more benefits from the drink.

Apple cider vinegar is a low-calorie liquid that works amazingly well when added in small quantities to any detox drink, weight loss drink, or tea.

This ACV in drinks in small amounts gives enormous benefits, such as lowering cholesterol levels, controlling blood sugar levels, and keeping diabetes under control.

Apple cider vinegar, when consumed, makes you feel full, and this may lead to a person consuming little food and reducing calorie intake during the whole day and which can limit the calorie intake and lead to weight loss.

Therefore, ACV helps curb food cravings, promotes weight loss, and helps with heart and diabetic issues.

To lose belly fat, consume healthy drinks or detox drinks by adding ACV(apple cider vinegar).


This is a natural sugar that helps to add natural sweetness to the drink and helps burn fat, and honey is known to be effective for weight loss.

It is effective in suppressing or curbing hunger or appetite. This can help us control our cravings and stop overeating, which is an excellent solution to burning the calories in the body and losing weight.

apple cider vinegar and honey


This citric acid fruit is rich in vitamin C and helps boost the body’s metabolism and keep the energy levels going.

Lime also adds the perfect flavor to this pineapple juice drink, which can be challenging to consume without honey and lime.

Lime is also a fat-loss ingredient that helps reduce extra fat and gives you satiety.


This apple cider vinegar honey and pineapple juice detox has all the ingredients that help you feel full.

It has approximately 170 calories and makes it to the list of healthy, low-calorie drinks to consume anytime.

Honey boosts energy levels, helps with bloating issues, and increases metabolism.

ACV slows down food absorption and keeps you full, which is why adding it with fruit and enjoying the fruit benefits and helps us consume ACV too, which can otherwise be problematic and harmful.

Consuming apple cider vinegar directly can create trouble with throat issues and tooth issues due to its sour flavor.

Therefore, diluting ACV with drinks has its own benefits such as keeping you away from eating more and from craving sugar foods.

ACV also stops us from eating other unhealthy stuff, or adding in extra calories by having another foodstuff.



Method 1: Add all the ingredients to the blender and blend well to get a drink to consume directly.

Method 2: If you already have pineapple juice, add ACV, honey, and lime, stir well and consume it immediately.

Ginger: Adding ginger pieces to make it extra beneficial is another addition one can make while blending the ingredients.

Mint: Mint is a miracle herb to boost digestion process and can prove to be more effective if added to this juice drink.


If you are making a glass of drink to consume immediately, follow the recipe mentioned here.

If you prefer to make it in bulk, multiply the ingredients by doubling or tripling and blend everything.

The bulk drink can be stored in the refrigerator and consumed when required.

Add the blended drink to mini bottles or mason jars, close the lid tightly, store it in the refrigerator, and consume it within a week to enjoy the fresh taste.

When to drink

Have the pineapple juice, honey, and apple cider vinegar juice early in the morning, mainly to help burn fat, or drink it before bedtime.

Drinking during the daytime is also an option if you like to have it twice daily.

Preferably drinking it early morning as a detox is a perfect way to start your day healthily, and morning consumption is the best way to curb the appetite and burn calories throughout the day.


Relying only on a drink is not an excellent way to work on losing weight, but many other habits must be followed for an effective weight-loss plan.

Some examples are a healthy diet and healthy food habits, sleeping well, reducing stress, exercising or working out, and keeping oneself hydrated can play a significant role in burning body fat.


For more information, always consult a medical practitioner or expert, as it can bring different results to different individuals, especially if you have any underlying health issues.

Please do not use any drinks when suffering from serious health issues without consulting a medical expert, as it can affect you badly.


pineapple juice honey and apple cider vinegar in a bottle with ACV, honey and pineapple in the image

pineapple juice honey and apple cider vinegar

yummy indian kitchen

Healthy pineapple juice with apple cider vinegar.

Prep Time 5 mins

Cook Time 2 mins

Course Drinks/Beverages, healthy, Juice, weight loss

Cuisine American, International

Servings 1

Calories 171 kcal


  • 1 cup pineapple chunks (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (with mother raw and unfiltered)
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • ¼ lime extract


  • Add pineapple chunks to a blending jar.

  • To the drink, add water.

  • Add apple cider vinegar, honey, and lime extract.

  • Blend everything well and pour into a glass.

  • Serve as is or refrigerate for a few hours before drinking or add ice cubes.


Nutrition Facts

pineapple juice honey and apple cider vinegar

Amount Per Serving

Calories 171
Calories from Fat 3

% Daily Value*

Fat 0.3g0%

Saturated Fat 0.02g0%

Polyunsaturated Fat 0.1g

Monounsaturated Fat 0.03g

Sodium 16mg1%

Potassium 325mg9%

Carbohydrates 44g15%

Fiber 4g17%

Sugar 40g44%

Protein 1g2%

Vitamin A 127IU3%

Vitamin C 27mg33%

Calcium 52mg5%

Iron 1mg6%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.



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