This post covers smoothie recipes with frozen fruit to make them quickly in a blender and have for any meal or make in the healthiest way possible. The smoothie is a perfect way to start your day and burn calories without eating other unhealthy foods.

This post will share some of the smoothie recipes that use frozen fruits, and also, the recipes that use fresh fruits shared here can easily be replaced with frozen ones.


different fruit smoothies in glasses with different fruit flavors
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Tips to make a smoothie with frozen fruit

The smoothie blending procedure is similar to the smoothies we usually make, but certain things need to be remembered when using frozen fruits.

First is to add a good amount of liquid to the smoothie ingredients if frozen fruits are used.

Also, thaw the frozen fruits for at least 20 – 30 minutes before blending if you like to have a smooth consistency, but it is optional when making the smoothie in a hurry.

If making the smoothie with frozen fruits, blend the ingredients on high speed with sufficient liquid to let the smoothie turn into a fine puree-like consistency.

Ingredients to make smoothies with frozen fruit

Fruits: Add any frozen fruit with other fruits or in solo form. When adding fruits, combining fresh and frozen fruits is also ideal if you combine more than one fruit.

Milk: Any liquid, such as milk that is almond milk or low-fat milk, or non-dairy milk, is an excellent choice to make a healthy smoothie.

Yogurt: This liquid is an excellent option to add protein to the smoothie but to make it a healthy, low-calorie smoothie, adding greek yogurt is the best way to add a liquid base.

Seeds: Seeds add fiber to the drink and use them while blending or as a topping. 

Different seeds to use are chia seeds and flax seeds which boost health in many ways and help make a filling, healthy meal replacement smoothie.

Sweetener (optional): Adding sweeteners is optional but if you like to add any, go with either maple syrup or honey.

Honey has more calories than maple syrup, and if you prefer zero-calorie sweetener, add stevia and make the smoothie healthier.

Veggies: Along with frozen fruits, adding healthy veggies such as cucumber or avocado or green leaves such as spinach or kale makes a healthy smoothie suitable to add to healthy diets or to replace meals.

Suggestions to turn low-calorie smoothies into high calorie

The smoothies mentioned here are low-calorie smoothies that make a perfect meal replacement smoothie, help burn calories, and aid in weight loss.

The smoothie recipes can also be converted into high-calorie smoothies by replacing low calories liquids with high calories ones.

Replace greek yogurt with flavored yogurts or yogurt to increase the calories, or add whole milk instead of almond milk if you like to make the smoothie for kids.

Do not add white sugar or any sugar to smoothies as they contain high calories and are high in carbs which do nothing for the body but for gaining weight.

A healthy way of making a smoothie is to skip sugars and replace them with low-calorie sweeteners in little quantities, such as honey or maple syrup, or stevia(zero calories).

How to freeze fruits?

Berries: The fresh berries can be ziplocked and stored airtight for a couple of months.

Wash the berries, air dry them and freeze them either in the solo form in zip lock bags or combine a mix of berries in the same bag and store airtight.

If slicing the berries, wash them well before slicing and let them air dry well. Place the berries in layers on a pan and freeze for a few hours.

After freezing for 3-4 hours, gather all the berries, transfer them to a ziplock bag, and freeze them for months.

Bananas: Peel the banana, chop them into round slices, place them on a baking tray lined with parchment paper, and place them in the freezer for a few hours.

This way of freezing bananas in the first step lets the slices not stick to each other while freezing airtight.

Gather all the banana slices after freezing for 3-4 hours, place them in a ziplock bag, seal them tightly, store them in the freezer, and use them when required.

Mango: Follow the same procedure as mentioned for bananas.

Pineapple: Peel the pineapple, chop the fruit into cubes and store the pieces airtight sealed bag in the freezer.

If the fruit appears sticky, follow the procedure similar to freezing bananas or store them directly in air-tight bags in the freezer.

Frozen fruit smoothie recipes

Check out the list of smoothie recipes with frozen fruit and make them either by adding yogurt or modifying the best way you can to make them delicious and healthy.

Stay tuned and keep reading this post, as I will add many more recipes to this post as I update.

1. Frozen banana smoothie

This banana smoothie is a greek yogurt-based smoothie with a mix of oats and a fresh or frozen banana to make a creamy low-calorie, healthy smoothie.

frozen banana smoothie in smoothie glasses with oats and bananas around the glasses

2. Frozen mixed berry smoothie

A mixed berry smoothie is a mix of three different berries combined with non-dairy-based milk to have a smoothie that is low in calories but keeps you full and does not raise the appetite.

frozen berry smoothie in a smoothie glass and in two different glasses

3. Frozen mango smoothie

Mango smoothie combined with other fruit such as pineapple gives a delicious taste and makes it a suitable smoothie for all ages.

Combine it with either greek yogurt or any liquid such as milk, blend it like a puree, and have it for any meal or during snacking.

frozen mango smoothie in a jar

4. Strawberry banana smoothie with yogurt

A quick smoothie blend of two fruits with yogurt and honey makes a creamy drink. 

Have this smoothie any time of the day, and the drink can be made with several variations, such as replacing yogurt with milk.

Strawberry banana smoothie with yogurt 

A quick and easy smoothie using strawberries, bananas, and yogurt.

Check out this recipe

strawberry banana smoothie with yogurt in a glass with a strawberry topping and the fruits placed beside the glass

5. Frozen spinach smoothie

This is not a completely frozen fruit smoothie but a green smoothie with a mix of frozen fruits.

The green leafy vegetable is combined with more than one fruit, and it uses banana and pineapple to balance the flavors and help to consume quickly.

This smoothie is a suitable meal replacement and is perfect for drinking or adding to weight loss diets and promotes weight loss.

Frozen spinach smoothie

A healthy frozen smoothie using frozen spinach and a few fruits.

Check out this recipe

frozen spinach smoothie in a glass with banana kiwi apple and spinach around the glass

6. How to make a smoothie with frozen fruit

This smoothie gives all the details and procedures to make any fruit smoothie with frozen fruit and also shares a recipe to make the smoothie easily.

Any smoothie can be made more accessible if you follow the post well, and it just needs some frozen fruits and a suitable liquid to make a quick and healthy smoothie.

How to make a smoothie with frozen fruit

A smoothie using frozen fruits such as berries and pineapple with yogurt and milk.

Check out this recipe

frozen fruit smoothie in a mason jar made using berries and served with a straw

7. Smoothie with yogurt and frozen fruit

Make a smoothie with only frozen fruits or combine it with veggies and blend with a liquid such as greek yogurt or milk to make this smoothie.

Smoothie with yogurt and frozen fruit

A frozen fruit smoothie with yogurt and frozen fruits.

Check out this recipe

smoothie with frozen fruit and yogurt in a glass

8. Fruit smoothie recipe with yogurt

Combine any frozen fruit with yogurt and make a smoothie of your choice. I am sharing an easy recipe with fruits and yogurt in this post.

fruit smoothie recipe with yogurt in a mason jar with banana and berries shown beside the jar

9. Pineapple smoothie with yogurt

Have you tried pineapple with yogurt? Check out this recipe that uses this fruit with greek yogurt to make a creamy smoothie that is perfect for shedding belly fat.

Pineapple smoothie with yogurt

A meal smoothie using pineapple chunks and banana blended with greek yogurt.

Check out this recipe

healthy pineapple smoothie in a mason jar with pineapple placed beside

10. Berry smoothie with yogurt

A mixed berry smoothie is a different blending method other than dairy or non-dairy milk.

Berry smoothies taste good with milk and yogurt and if you are looking forward to making them with yogurt, check out the recipe below.

Berry smoothie with yogurt

Mixed berry smoothie with greek yogurt and almond milk to have a filling breakfast.

Check out this recipe

berry smoothie with yogurt in a glass with berries in a round bowl

11. Breakfast smoothie for weight loss

Love to have a smoothie and not a meal for breakfast? This smoothie recipe has covered you with what you can have as a smoothie for breakfast.

Perfect smoothie for shedding some pounds and healthily starting the day. You can skip the veggie(avocado) mentioned in the recipe and make it a simple fruit smoothie.

Breakfast smoothie for weight loss, healthy

A healthy breakfast smoothie to aim for weight loss and include in fat loss diets.

Check out this recipe

weight loss breakfast smoothie in a mason jar with avocado and greens shown as garnishing

12. Banana smoothie for weight loss

Like to shed weight using bananas? Try this low-calorie smoothie that can be made with frozen bananas or fresh bananas.

weight loss banana smoothie in a glass with mango and banana on the background

13. Mcdonald’s strawberry banana smoothie

Easy way of making a restaurant-style recipe with frozen fruits, but one can easily make it with fresh fruits too.

This is a recipe where the fruits used can be fresh or frozen and get a taste similar to the smoothie sold in this popular food chain.

Mcdonald’s strawberry banana smoothie with yogurt

A quick strawberry banana smoothie blended using yogurt and milk.

Check out this recipe

Mcdonald's Strawberry Banana Smoothie served a glass

14. Frozen Strawberry smoothie

Combining two fruits with two different liquids makes it a healthy option to replace meals with this smoothie.

It has almond milk, yogurt, strawberries, and bananas combined with fiber-rich oats to give a filling smoothie.

Frozen strawberry smoothie

A strawberry smoothie made in a healthy way using frozen strawberries.

Check out this recipe

frozen strawberry smoothie in a glass with banana and strawberry placed around the glass

15. Peach smoothie with yogurt

Check out the smoothie that uses a different kind of frozen fruit(frozen peaches) to make a special kind of smoothie with yogurt.

peach smoothie with yogurt in mason jars and peaches around


I hope my blog visitors like this easy smoothie recipe with frozen fruit compilation, and also stay tuned as I keep updating the post with many more recipes.

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