Spring Roll Wrappers recipe is a sheet of pastry that is often used to make spring rolls, samosa or rolls with vegetables or egg or chicken or various snack items. Other roll recipes on the blog are chicken spring rolls and other recipes made with these sheets are onion samosa, these rolls can also be used to make chicken samosa too…

           We usually get spring roll sheets from market to make quick snack items which can be deep fried and served during gatherings or mini parties.

spring roll wrappers recipe

           The snacks that are usually made with spring roll wrappers are a huge hit with the kids and they love to have those rolls with ketchup or sauce as a spread over those rolls or have a stuffing of vegetables or chicken or egg inside them.

            The rolls or spring roll pastry can be made using egg or eggless and here I have made eggless spring roll wrappers.


Its really difficult to get the perfect wrappers but, here I have made the crepes at home and thought to share with my readers who look out for homemade spring rolls which could taste as best as the store bought one’s and which are hygienic too.

              The sheets can be made very quickly with just few ingredients that are usually available at home and the rolls can be stored air tight and can be used whenever we wish to make any kind of rolls.

           I have tested making the rolls using plain maida flour but, they do not taste as good as the store one’s. The best ingredients to be used to make perfect spring roll wrappers are all purpose flour(maida) and along with that we also need to use corn flour to get the preferred taste.

               Making procedure of spring roll pastry is quite easy and can be done in couple of minutes and I am glad to share the method on how to make perfect spring roll wrappers which can be used for mini birthday parties or to make rolls during iftar to make quick snacks at home.

How to make spring roll wrappers:


Spring Roll Wrappers Recipe or Spring Roll Pastry


Spring roll pastry made with liquid batter which is commonly used to roll different stufings and deep fry in oil.

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