Veg pulao recipe or vegetable pulao is another rice delicacy made by mixing veggies and rice. It is a simple pulao recipe made by giving aromatic flavouring to the rice and adding vegetables to the flavoured rice. Other pulao recipes on the blog are chicken pulao, mutton pulao etc.

Earlier I shared a veg biryani in cooker recipe which was quite easy and quick to prepare and that was a bit spicy flavorful rice dish and veg pulao recipe is a bit less spicy, light and yet is very flavorful.

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veg pulao recipe or vegetable pulao

Veg pulao can be slow cooked and can also be easily and quickly pressure cooked. In this recipe I have pressure cooked the rice and it turned out amazing.

Serving suggestions: it can be served with veg kurma, chicken kurma etc…

We can add different varieties of vegetables and the best vegetables that are perfect to use to make any mixed vegetable recipe are potatoes, carrots, peas, paneer, cauliflower etc…

For more tangy flavors one can also make use of tomatoes too and I have used curd.

vegetable pulao or veg pulao recipe

This recipe is made by giving an aromatic tempering initially with some aromatic garam masala, then sauteing the veggies in those flavors and then adding the rice and cooking altogether.

We can make use of any rice that is ordinary or basmati to make any rice recipe. I have used ordinary rice as the grains of my ordinary rice turn quite long while cooking.

veg pulao recipe in hindi or vegetable pulao in hindi

One can also make use of basmati rice and it is very easy to use. We just need to soak the rice for 30-35 minutes before using basmati rice and then add the soaked rice into the pulao.

Veg pulao is also referred to as vegetable pulao and some people give very light flavors to this pulao and some prefer to give heavy flavors and the main spices that give heavy flavor are star anise and stone flower which are commonly used in restaurant style of making veg pulao or veg biryani.

Here I have made it light by skipping heavy whole spices like star anise and stone flower and one can add them to make it a recipe suitable for several occasions and this pulao can be even packed for our lunch boxes and for kids lunch.

How to make veg pulao:

veg pulao recipe or vegetable pulao

veg pulao recipe, how to make veg pulao


A quick and easy rice recipe which is a special rice delicacy made by mixing veggies in flavorful rice.

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